Opus Kink – This Train

Photo: Reuben Lindley

Drums. Forever drums. Will the drumming ever stop? Nobody knows. Opus Kink are taking the rhythm and plonking it right in your face as the drums rumble on like a mighty steam engine, hurtling down the track at a rate of knots. That’s a speed, right?

This is filthier than the bottom of your shoes after a night in a club that’s been serving 70p pints on a Monday night. It is a gritty, earthy music that takes jazz and blues sounds and covers them in the dirt of all things punk rock to make a captivating cacophony of sounds that’s like nothing else you’ve ever heard. Absolutely ravenous and ready to fight, the jazz break is a welcome relief as the buffet car comes round and you pick up an overpriced KitKat and a weak cup of tea. And then it’s all go with the dirt again, with a sentimental edge as if in mourning.

Chaotic and utterly demonic, this is bonkers in all the right ways. You’ve never heard anything quite like this before, but hopefully you’ll be hearing plenty more soon.


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