TwinsTown – Dive In

Ever listen to Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever? Ever wondered what they’d sound like if they were actually a pair of Scottish twins? Try TwinsTown and you might just have found it.

The Mackay brothers have more of a pop edge than the slackers from down under though, with piano slides occurring more frequently than a Chas and Dave tribute night. There’s no room to take a breath as you dive straight into their latest single, coming at you faster than Stephenson’s Rocket. It all feels reminiscent of a lost age of guitar pop that was purely about having a great time, rather than being anything too serious. And I love a bit of unadulterated fun for absolutely no reason, every time.

You could play this to your mum and she’d have a right little boogie. But that’s not a reason to stop blaring it out at all hours. What an absolute laugh, you just know this pair have permanent grins fixed on their faces. Lovely stuff.


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