Zkeletonz – Don’t Be Lonely Now

There’s something unnerving about a band whose name is based around skeletons asking you to ‘take your medicine’ and to not be lonely. But then, here we are. Fortunately, as far as I’m aware Zkeletonz are far more than just bones – as you might have already worked out by the fact they’re making music. Funny that.

This is a poppy little number that’s got a real air of bubblegum about it, keeping things light and moving even when the lyrics feel much more determined and final. That groove is infectious though, and it’ll be hard to sit still and not at least tap your foot more than is socially acceptable on the tube if you blast this out on your morning commute.

Sparkling from first to last, this is music made for dancing to and losing yourself in. So take a little break, dust off your bones and get right into this.


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