Hi Frisco – Uno Mas

Who fancies a party? Go on, you know you do. Let’s go grab some balloons, some cake and some sticks with pineapple and cheese on that are both terrible and the best thing ever rolled into one. For the music, I thought we could just play this Hi Frisco song on repeat and see what happens. That should make for a pretty fun mood.

The intro really pumps things up, before the verses mellow things out a little so that guests can enjoy small talk. Then the chorus kicks back in again and it’s all back on the dance floor or into some other high octane event to really get the party pumping. The East London duo certainly know what they’re doing when it comes to lightening the mood and this is an absolute beauty that delivers quicker than even the best courier.

Let yourself go and live in the moment as we take this whole thing to another le… Oh god, someone’s been sick in the pool. Sharon, get the net!


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