Bess Atwell – Nobody

Photo: Sequoia Ziff

If anyone were to be reading me bedtime stories again (I’m nearly 30, thanks for asking) then I’d hope Bess Atwell would throw her hat into the ring. Her soothing voice is so relaxing that there’s no doubt the sweetest of dreams will follow, and she just seems like someone you could trust in your home while you’re snoozing.

Apparently this was all written rather quickly in what Atwell describes as a ‘cathartic’ experience where the song “just fell out”. If she’s able to write things this beautiful and touching in such a quick fashion, one can only imagine the hidden depths to her talents and just how high she may be able to soar. This stripped back gem is simple yet effective in all the right ways, as there’s no escaping the vocals each word has time to soak in and really make an impact.

This is set to be the closing track on upcoming album Already, Always and it seems like plenty of people might be having it all end in tears. Luckily in a much nicer way than, say, a penalty shoot out.


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