SLONK – Opulence

I think the word SLONK might be my new favourite thing to say. It just has a kind of funny little feeling to it that brings a little smile to my face every time I say it.

The latest track from the Bristol-based outfit does good things for making me happy too. With a REALLY lo-fi approach, it has a delightful DIY vibe that makes you feel like you’re sat in a garage somewhere watching mates gearing up for their first big show as you sit quietly in the corner with a Ribena and some kind of pastry looking on with crumbs all over yourself. Fronted by Joe Sherrin of Milo’s Planes/Fenne Lily pedigree, this lot know what they’re doing and have already tapped into a fantastic feeling for bringing the listener closer that should bode well for them as things move forward.

Minimal genius mixed with emotional, driving vocals that cut to the bone, this is one hell of an experience and I’m already queuing up for another turn.


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