Fake Turins – Talking Prophets

Photo: Mars Washington

Ever wondered what Squid would sound like if there was a bit less shouting and chaos? Meet Fake Turins who have a similar set of skills for creating an enticingly uncomfortable atmosphere without losing their composure or going off like a vocal firework.

The North London band are constantly in control as they subvert and submerge your mind into their own little world, which seems a touch darker than everyday reality. There are hints of all kinds of jazzy things and tense atmospheres in this confusing yet enticing track. It’s a real brain teaser in many ways, with the next step hard to guess – like trying to go up or down the stairs quietly in the dark for fear of turning on a light and wake up everyone else.

This is all about the beauty that can be found in dissonance and confusion, never letting your mind truly rest and testing you in all the right ways. Fascinating stuff, I’d like another please.


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