Gordon Taggart – Footsteps

Sometimes you want to just sit in the garden with some kind of sugary, fizzy alcohol in hand and listen to music that’s made for summer and good times – even if it might be chucking it down in the middle of July. A strong choice for soundtracking your outdoor afternoon is Gordon Taggart and his latest little ditty.

Reminiscent of some of those ‘90s and ‘00s indie bangers that would come out of nowhere and suddenly take over the radio for a week or two, this is a track built on good vibes and does everything it can to encourage them all round. From the bright guitars through to the infectious refrains from the backing vocals, there’s nothing here that could possibly lead to you having anything other than a very lovely day indeed.

So crack open a cold one and make sure you’ve put on enough sun cream to make sure tomorrow isn’t painful. And get those shorts on, your legs could REALLY do with being less pale.


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