Mega Emotion – Prime

Photo: Mark Hewlett

Are we off on a trip back to the 1980s? Is everyone about to sit down for a game of Tron, Pong or something else that’s just a collection of four letters to the youth of today? Sadly not, but we can enjoy the throwback spirit of Mega Emotion while they list the various years they claim to be the children of – some of which are pretty unlikely.

Despite their abject lies, they do know a thing or two about putting a song together and how to make guitars and synths work in harmony. It does feel like something of a video game track, with a sense of urgency as if you’re playing against the clock to dismantle a bomb or save someone from yet another castle. They claim to be a ‘robe-wearing cult that formed after the apocalypse passed by’ so it’s probably best not to mess with them in case they come for you.

Fortunately, I have no intention of riling them up as they’re actually not bad at all. Stick this on and get yourself some neon clothing, we’re having a throwback party.


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