SPINN – Daydreaming

If you’ve heard SPINN before or listened to me waxing lyrical about Johnny Quinn then you might as well just skip down to the song at the bottom and ignore all this. You know exactly what to expect, and this latest single delivers more reliably than every single UK courier service.

The boys are back with their jingly jangly pop that somehow still hits hard. Through waves of dreamy guitars and Quinn’s debonair attitude come pounding drums that keep you from slipping away into a fantasy. They’ve got plenty of depth to this one too, with highs and lows throughout to keep things fresh and they’re showing no sign of changing direction from all the fantastic stuff they’ve thrown at us manic fans in the past any time soon.

But ultimately it’s so hard to turn your attention away from the Scouse frontman who has some kind of allure that pulls you in from the very first line. Is it getting hot in here or is it just me? Phew…


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