Kino Motel – Fingerprints

The gritty darkness in this Kino Motel track can only lead me to deduce they may not actually be real detectives in the search for fingerprints as a clue in a high profile case. That probably means I should be saying no comment, but sometimes I can’t help myself.

They’re a duo comprised of Ed Fraser and Rosa Mercedes, who met in a commune in Berlin. As you do. Clocking in at only just over two and a half minutes, I guess you could say this is technically a pop song – but you shouldn’t be expecting to hear it on commercial stations any time soon. It brings a darkness and suspicion with it that keep it entertaining like a spy thriller without going over too many old cliches.

Murkier than the back door dealings of a major corporation, this is a cracking bit of slacker music that comes complete with a snarling Aussie drawl.


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