LELO – Faceache

That must really hurt. Imagine it being your whole face that’s aching. I’ve had problems with my jaw before, but at best that’s maybe a fifth of my face. The whole face? Ouch. Anyway, here’s LELO with some lush sounds to help you forget the pain.

The Leeds indie pop outfit have still got that bedroom sound about them, with a brilliant lack of polish helping keep this all a bit fuzzy and saving it from becoming too over-produced. Those little touches like the added whispering in your ear help elevate this to the next level, but really the core beauty of this is just in how good a pop song it is at heart – the sort of thing you’d like to hear at least once a day on the radio, ideally on the way in to work to make you know it’s going to be a good day after all.

When you do the little things right as well as this, it can really make a big difference. All those touches come together to make something that’s properly hard to resist.


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