FEVER – Time Will Define

From the first couple of chords of this track from FEVER you already know the kind of emotional, anthemic journey you’re in for, so it’s probably worth pressing pause and grabbing the popcorn before carrying on. Go on, treat yourself.

This goes way beyond the band’s Hull roots and feels ready to take on some of the country’s biggest stages, when they can of course. It has that kind of universal appeal that can do a band so well, with both music and lyrics that could really appeal to the masses as they take on a number of touchpoints similar to plenty of bands of arena level status. If you’re into the likes of Blossoms then you’ll definitely want a piece of this. Maybe even seconds, you’ve been really good all week so nobody is going to judge you.

Good clean fun this, the sort of thing you could play your mum and she’d be a fan too. Even if she might get the name wrong the first four or five times.


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