Sam Fender – Seventeen Going Under

There’s something just so likeable about Sam Fender that I just want to shake his hand, be his friend and ultimately end up going on family holidays together. Not to Benidorm or anything, but to somewhere we could go on fun adventures in a big van. Actually, maybe I just want to be Scooby Doo.

Anyway, everyone’s favourite North Shields singer has another song out that’s yet again absolutely fantastic. Fender’s voice just seems to cut through anything and his lyric writing prowess gives such a unique, honest vision of his life and the lives of those around him you can’t help but listen in intently. Never afraid to touch on social injustices or anything he deems unfair, this could very well be the voice of an under-appreciated part of his generation.

Look, it’s Sam Fender. You know how good this is going to be, so why haven’t you already given this a few hundred listens yet? Hurry up now.


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