The Avenues – Moving Car

Have you packed your toothbrush? Got enough pants? Come on, come on, we don’t have much time – The Avenues have already put the keys in the ignition and have started revving the engine.

Never had a track’s title better matched the kind of energy it gives off, with the rapid fire start to this gives you the feeling of already speeding down the motorway at top speed. This is a real nice slice of indie pop that’s reminiscent of the first albums from the likes of Circa Waves and Catfish and the Bottlemen – It’s just so full throttle and full of high energy that you can already imagine yourself going wild in a field over this in the summer sunshine.

Now are you sure you have your bucket hat ready? And don’t forget to wear sunscreen, you know how terribly you burn and I’m not putting up with your whining all weekend.


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