Baby Dave – Too Shy For Tennis

Maybe I identify with this song as someone who used to play tennis regularly but has only played one game in the last five years. Or it could just be that I love Baby Dave’s scrappy delivery style and off-beat lyrics, which seems a bit more likely.

This is like a Chas and Dave song on a comedown, a slow lo-fi rambling little gem that is all a bit bizarre and yet impossible to turn away from. It’s all the work of Isaac Holman from Slaves and you couldn’t imagine something this slow and leisurely coming from his mind, but here we are. There’s something just so brilliantly stupid about this whole song that I absolutely can’t resist, the story has me on tenterhooks about just where the lad might end up.

So if it’s a no to tennis or bowling, maybe a round of crazy golf? You name the time and the place, and if you’re lucky you might not end up on your own. I probably won’t be there though. Too shy and all that.


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