James Leonard Hewitson – Commercial Vibes

Photo: Lily Henderson

Ya, ya… Ya, I’ll get that report sorted for you first thing. I’m just off to give listen to some of this ‘pop music’ to track the performance of stocks in amplifiers and… Alright, I’m not great at pretending to be some corporate stooge – but someone who seems to understand this world is James Leonard Hewitson as he’s able to channel these Commercial Vibes.

Sure, it’s just a song name and he might actually be pretty awful in an office but that puts him one step ahead of a few of us. This ‘80s inspired electronic pop wonder is full of slacker vibes that make you think he might not actually be the most useful around the office, but more the kind of guy you’d like to take a far too long coffee break with and just shoot the breeze. The bass in this is great by the way, and Hewitson’s voice is perfect for the task at hand – just on the right side of a screaming desperation.

So have that report on my desk by 10am, you hear? If not, there’ll be hell to pay and I’ll have to keep you and Mr Hewitson apart like two naughty schoolchildren and we all know you don’t want that at all.


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