FEET – Busy Waiting

Photo: Percy Walker-Smith

As someone who routinely arrives early for everything, I can identify with FEET as they moan about being stuck waiting for someone eating when you’re already revved up and ready to go.

At this point, I’d probably be grabbing the food off their plate and scoff it myself to keep the wait time for increasing even further. You’re not a train company, I don’t expect to be kept clock watching well after the agreed time of departure. Problem is, I can’t write songs about it nearly half as well as this lot can so I’m sure my delivery isn’t quite so attractive as this. Imagine being this good at making music that you can pick a subject as basic as this and make a song that’s so well out together and enjoyable to listen to.

Next time you’re stuck waiting on someone else, keep your mouth shut and let FEET do all the talking. It’ll be a shoe-in for getting things moving quickly.


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