The Goon Sax – Desire

Photo: Hugo Nobay

How can something sound like both a record being played at the wrong speed and a brilliant pop song at the same time? While the answer is somewhat unclear, maybe it’s worth asking The Goon Sax as they appear to have managed it with some real style.

Imagine a song so slow that even a tortoise would be thinking ‘Come on, now’. The Aussie trio are fascinating in the way that they work, how on Earth three individuals can sit in a studio and believe this is a suitable tempo for a pop song is beyond me. And yet it works so, so well – spacing right out and leaving nothing but fuzz in the void to trip you out even further. This is a truly ethereal track and the band are clearly on a complete other level.

Infuriatingly good, do not adjust your settings as this is exactly how it is meant to be. Ludicrous, yet sensational.


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