Karaboudjan – I’ll Be Just Fine

I’m fine. No really, I’m fine. Please stop asking. You’re making me feel worse. Now, I can’t promise that that was the conversation that led to the title of this blissful Karaboudjan fantasy but it gave me a good way in so I’m sticking with it.

If you like your Tame Impala and that sort of thing, this is an absolute must listen. The chilled out world created by California native Billy Kim is a sparkling, beautiful place that feels safe and warm. There are all kinds of little twinkles and nuggets of genius to watch out for, which a calming voice leads you down a perfectly crafted path into a world that’s ripped straight out of a dream sequence in a film with not even a drop of mild peril. This is ideal for just settling down into and switching off any outside influence, it may just be the safest place there is.

Deep breaths, relax your shoulders and open your eyes. Maybe you weren’t actually fine before you started listening to this, but now you’re feeling a whole lot better. At least, I know I am.


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