Cuffed Up – Canaries

Do people still keep birds as pets these days? I’m sure there are some out there, but my childhood TV watching made me believe that there were far more adults with birdcages in their living rooms. Anyway, here’s Cuffed Up with a rampaging beauty that would rattle even the sturdiest of cages.

The LA rockers pull no punches as they ramp up the volume and effects to keep the intensity of this one at the highest level right from the get go. It feels like a raw, visceral offering from a band with nothing to lose and heaps of ambition. Their approach is to leave everything on the track and power in through until the batteries have died. This snarling, aggressive style will never truly be out of style and when there are bands out there that rock this hard and do it oh so well then the guitar can never truly slink away into the shadows.

Yes, there’s a lyric about canaries going down into the pits. Of course there is. They beat me to it, otherwise this would have probably been 200 words about a mining community. Cracking song, anyway.


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