No thee no ess – Chorus

I have absolutely no idea what’s going on here but I love it. Cardiff psych gurus No thee no ess are absolutely wreaking havoc with my mind, and that’s before the singing which I assume is in Welsh even begins.

This freak out level of abstract noise pollution is going to twist your melon so hard you’ll be able to make a nice refreshing drink out of the juices. Oh, is that what that means? Never mind then. It’s a truly fascinating journey, like peeking into a kaleidoscope that’s just been in a big fight with their partner and have some rage bubbling away between those beautiful colours. This is absolute chaos but in the best possible way, I would even know where to begin with describing it in any normal sense.

Wrap your listening gear around this and be ready for your mind to absolutely melt away. Sensational, I think. Not really sure if I’m functioning properly any more though.


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