The Rare Occasions – Origami

Photo: Kenneth Bauer

Origami is truly an art form that I have no cohesive understanding of. Sure, I admire it and think those who are true masters possess some of the brightest, most patient minds we have. My preference? Well, I’d rather spend my time making non-sequiturs and loosely ‘reviewing’ tracks such as this belter from The Rare Occasions.

With the lightest of touches, this song enters as if ripped from a classic film score before going on to be a swaying, jovial track inspired by old school surfing music. It’s essentially just a jolly day out for the LA-based band as they bring nothing but positive vibes filled with indie goodness to the table. You’d welcome them inside in a heartbeat to come and liven up any party and undoubtedly put smiles on faces. The guitars sound lush and lively while the rhythm section jumps in all the right ways, and they’ve even left a nice long section for you to get up and do a dance solo.

Go on, don’t be shy. We both know you’re actually an excellent dancer and this could be the perfect time to show off your skills. Just let loose and enjoy the moment. Careful of those swans on the table though.


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