ESHKA – Dream Cloud

Photo: Kayla May

Do you reckon there could actually be some kind of cloud floating up above us where dreams are stored? Obviously not some digital satellite type cloud, that would be ridiculous, but some form of ethereal entity where all those nighttime thoughts about teeth falling out and school flashbacks are stored. Could be, though you’d hope a meteorologist would have spotted it by now.

But I digress, this dreamy little number from ESHKA is a very enticing debut release. Blissed out vibes are served up more regularly than hors d’ouvres at a fancy party in a Hollywood blockbuster. It’s pure escapism and a wonderful slice of the dreamier side of life, without a care in the world for whatever might be waiting behind it this takes it’s sweet time and makes sure you’ve devoured every drop before pulling over and letting someone else have a go at entertaining your ears.

A hugely promising debut, it’ll be great to hear what comes next. Now, I wonder if I can hack into this dream cloud to make sure I sleep a little better tonight.


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