Beorma – Her

Her? Really? Alright then Beorma have it your way, if that’s how you want it. Who’s to argue with the Birmingham pair who do indie pop just right with such delicate touches as this?

They’ve got the key elements of an incredible voice and a sweet as you like guitar tone to help keep listeners’ ears buzzing away. Each beat hits deep as the duo build in enough emotional highs and lows in a three minute pop song than most relationships can manage in the first year or so. There’s not one of us out there who can’t identify with the longing lyrics, it’s a universal part of life that we’ve all been through and yet most of us aren’t quite able to put it into such a beautiful audio format as this.

Get those lighters up, or get those tissues out. Whichever way this one sends you, it’s about to get real emotional in here.


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