These Guy – Expert Manoeuvering

Right, this time I’m definitely not going to get hung up on the fact that These Guy just doesn’t work – even though I’ve had the name choice painstakingly explained to me since their last track.

This time out they’ve gone all spacey – in the good, far out and not the Kevin way – with some wavy sounds that’ll give your head a nice little wobble. Not exactly one to get your pulse racing, this is the aural equivalent of not using the big light but having a series of tiny lamps and bulbs around the room to help create a nice dimmed atmosphere. Should I get a bean bag chair? Feels like that’s what they want me to do here, just so I can properly relax and forget everything but the music.

I could even forget just how stupid their band name is. I mean honestly, it just doesn’t make sense. Why would they do this? Alright, I’ll get shopping to calm myself down…


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