Chloe Rodgers – Better View

Photo: Lucia Garcia

Lighter than the most calorie defying new secret that experts don’t want you to know about, this bright little ditty from Chloe Rodgers is about as sunny as they come. And if what’s outside my window is summer, then boy do we need this.

Rodgers’ voice is absolutely stunning, with a deft little smirk sounding like it appears in the corner of her mouth as she releases the words. It’s a big part of why the song sounds just so pleasing, though to be fair the uplifting jazz band behind her do a great job of keeping my head bobbing along. The Nottingham artist is definitely someone worth keeping an eye on as she’s not exactly sticking with what’s hot, rather just making music that’s good for the soul.

Anyone that doesn’t like the lighter things in life such as this has maybe lost their sense of joy and wonder. It’s exactly the sort of song that can turn your mood right around.


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