She Drew The Gun – Class War – How Much

The leader of the opposition, Louisa Roach, is back at it again holding the powerful to account with another She Drew The Gun political anthem as she stands up against all the wrongs the people of the UK have been dealt by those in power. Well, not all of it, or we’d be here all week.

Reeling off the various ways the public have been lied to and cheated by those who think they’re above the rules, Roach isn’t afraid to speak up to power and the day she stops questioning authority is… well, unthinkable. The little cash register sound at the start and end is a perfect little touch, and if you don’t know what SDTG is all about by now then it’s time to get familiar with the only manifesto that’s never afraid to mince its words.

Kier who? Catch yourself on, this is how you really question the same old lying faces. Yet again Roach draws that gun and doesn’t miss a single shot.


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