Public Order – Feels Like Summer

Maybe I should have been writing this a few weeks ago when it was 30-odd degrees in London – or in the next few weeks when the next heatwave is apparently due. But then, does anything in the UK feel like summer any more than being stuck inside as rain splashes against the window cancelling your plans?

Meteorological issues aside, this is some peak indie goodness from Public Order on their debut single. The band, hailing from South Wales but with plenty of influences from as far afield as Manchester, are a trio of Topman haircuts who know exactly what the masses want to hear. It’s easier to get into than a warm bath filled with the fancy bubbles that your mum hides away in the cupboard, exactly the kind of thing you need after spending days out in muddy festival fields jumping along to bands like this lot. Does that make sense? If sense mattered, you’d probably have given up by now.

Yes, we’ve got a wee banger on our hands. Here’s looking forward to the next one. Mind your language though lads, there could be kids listening.


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