Gunke – Mum

What an absolute beast of a name Gunke is. Come on, you’re not going to get mistaken for anyone else with a name like that and it’s barely the sort of thing you’re likely to accidentally Google.

But then, however you do stumble across this you should feel eternally grateful for whichever wrong turn you made along the way because it’s indie pop gold right from the very first few bars. Every young person has been through that phase of worrying the in-laws of your latest partner might not be a fan – in fact, some of us still aren’t sure if the mother-in-law of the last five years is still anything but indifferent to us. Right, the music. Lovely guitars, especially when it absolutely goes for it like there’s no tomorrow, and the vocals are made of the right stuff to have ended up on one of those NME compilation albums back from when that was a thing.

So this one is for the mums. The fun mums, the number one mums, the… Oh god, this all sounds like a bank advert doesn’t it? Time for me to shut up and you to press play – if for some reason you haven’t already raced to it and skipped this bluster.


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