Modern People – Common Blues

Photo: David Richardson

If you like Sam Fender and saxophones, you might just get right into this Modern People track. With indie pop vocals meshing with chilled out bluesy sounds, this is pure good times music that you stick on when you want to have a little boogie with the blinds closed.

Lo-fi in all the right places, the London duo have swagger by the bucketload as they trip along with a spring in their step. In three and a half minutes this pair can really change your mood and put you on the path to a positive day. We’re all tired of feeling tired, so it’s important to cut yourself some slack and tune in to sounds as good as these to help raise your head back up and get that smile plastered across your face.

Here we go then, get up on your feet and let whatever you need to go and just be in the moment, keeping happy and full of optimism. Let’s go full rainbow rhythms.


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