Photo: Indy Brewer

Time to open up all the windows, head out into the garden and smell the… er, FLOWVERS? While they may not be as fragrant as nature’s floral beauties – to the best of my knowledge anyway – there’s probably a hefty difference between the two when it comes to writing absolute indie bangers.

Mother Nature may have sauce, but there’s no way she can shred like this. The Pompey quartet have a fascinating sound that always feels like it wants to get even harder and yet shows a certain restraint which helps keep it on the indie side of rock. Those guitars are really special though, absolutely letting loose and firing off like cannons that have been specially prepped to salute a minor royal. It’s enough to put so much spring in your step that you might need to watch out for the ceiling, when this goes hard it goes to all the right places and doesn’t put so much as a whisker out of place.

But then it’s all over far too soon. Three minutes isn’t long enough, I’ve heard, so you’ll just have to dig a little deeper into their back catalogue if you want this satisfaction to last even longer.


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