Lizzie Loveless – The Joke

Photo: Charles Billot

Anyone know any good jokes? I used to know several about elephants, thanks to a very specific joke book I had as a kid, but that must have got lost in a trunk in the loft or something.

What’s not funny is the latest Lizzie Loveless song, where the title has a bit more meaning than you’re average knock knock icebreaker. Loveless’ voice is utterly sublime on this one, with such tender touches leaving behind a floating feeling which remains light and delicate even as the drums enter and the tracks starts to ramp up slightly. The hypnotic acoustic guitar sounds match perfectly with the vocals too, leaving them plenty of space to roam in the first half of the song before acting as a solid platform for the glittering sounds which come later on.

It’s a really sparkling moment of joy listening to this, with that stripped back set up lining things up for the bright, fantastical punchline. Absolute bliss.


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