Rowan – One Of These Days

Ireland’s latest answer to The Strokes are back with a bang, as Rowan rev up the engine and let it loose to run away at a pace that means you’re unlikely to catch it unless you’ve had a really decent training period beforehand.

Of course, it’s not all speed and intensity with this lot. There’s a lovely mellow refrain ready for a brief waltz in the middle of it all, admittedly before it builds again into another dose of racing speed for the guitar to absolutely run wild in. It’s the kind of brief scrappy solo that feels like it is running off raw adrenaline, with the focus on just getting the moment right rather than any intricacies.

This is surely an instant indie banger, it’s absolutely rambunctious and rips the doors, windows and anything that isn’t nailed down right off. Oh to be young and in the pit for something this fiery…


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