School of X – Feel Of It

After getting over my initial upset that this wasn’t a record from Dr Charles Xavier’s school and that I wouldn’t be hearing Wolverine trying to shred, it was quite easy to calm down thanks to School Of X’s indie banger that kept my mind from thinking about literally anything else.

You’ve got to want to dance when this comes on, you simply MUST. It’s jazzy in all the right places, what an organ sound, and the general vibe is just a moment you want to stay in for as long as you possibly can. The Copenhagen-based artist is making real waves with this brand of upbeat indie goodness, you’d have to be a fool not to at least take some joy in listening to this. It’s pure saccharine goodness with just that right hint of sour to balance it all out perfectly.

What an absolute corker, it might be time to grab the champagne because you and I are absolutely onto a winner here.


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