M Field – Fiona

Photo: Jarred Figgins

Fresh off the back of his recent track named Andrew, M Field returns with another ode to an individual – this time with a fortunate Fiona getting name checked in this light number that floats like a butterfly without any risk of bees in the area due to a lack of pollen.

There are Vampire Weekend vibes in this, with that kind of off-beat approach to both the vocal delivery and African-inspired rhythms bringing out the very best of sounds. It’s an absolute mood booster, like having one of those detox teas to help calm you down it’ll do absolute wonders for your nerves and – let’s face it – we could all do with a drop of that at the moment.

So shall we all pop round to Fiona’s and see if she has space for us all? Hopefully she has at least a couple of air beds to put us up for a while. She might not be best pleased if we just sit listening to this on repeat all day, but then that’s just something she’s going to have to live with I guess.


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