Wyndow – Pulling On A String

Am I still asleep? I thought I’d just woken up and showered, but then I thought I’d put on some Wyndow and it appears as though I must be dreaming once again.

Their music is so ethereal and heavenly that I simply must have imagined getting the box of Frosties out of the cupboard and pouring a fresh glass of OJ. There’s no way I’m really awake, this slow melody must be a trick of the mind – taking motifs from classical and folk music as the psychedelic pop duo seek to play tricks on your mind. The unsettling melodies seem so sweet and yet there is a melancholic mischief to them that leaves the curators standing as untrustworthy figures, yet definitely a pair you’d love to listen to more music from once you’re back in the world of the living.

I’ll have to wake myself up again now and go through that same old morning routine. Such a shame that none of this is real, I’d just managed to get my hair the way I like it.


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