Breathe Panel – Lets It In

Photo: Julia Nala

If a song had a fun little bass hook early doors then I’m already sold. That’s 100% what got me into this Breathe Panel drop of slacker goodness, that and the fact the rest of it is pretty solid too.

This is a cut released last month from the album of the same name which is on the way next month, so this is a nice little middle ground of reviewing it either too late or too early. Just right, I’d say. The quartet keep their cool with the title track, which feels the aural equivalent of a lazy Sunday afternoon where you have very little intention of leaving the sofa aside from to grab more snacks. It’s a treat song for a well-earned rest, bringing you pleasure from the most minimal input and bringing wistful thoughts of similar, slow afternoons with it.

Well, who needs to go outside on a Sunday anyway? You’ll find no joy out there that can’t simply be found in music you have at home.


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