Nnic – Slow Motion Fantasy

Electronic goodness from Dublin for you now, as Nnic absolutely captivates and bewitches listeners with this racing alt-pop effort that ebbs and flows like a wave machine that’s stuck on the very highest setting.

With vocals that are truly sublime standing out above a buzzing electro backdrop, there’s a frenetic energy that keeps that nervous energy alive and doesn’t let the mind rest for a second. The vocals are so soothing in contrast to this, if you stripped out the music and replaced it with some calming strings you’d get a massively different effect but that voice would still hold up with a selection of stunning melodies. It’s that clash of the delicate and the intense coming together that absolutely shouldn’t work but, as you can hear, makes for something really special.

So say your prayers before you leave, you never know when we might be coming back to this place again. Probably quite often actually, I like the music here.


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