Tenacity – Doubt Me

Ahem, let’s get funky – shall we? Make the next few minutes of your day all about Tenacity and you’ll feel all the better for it. With jazzy vibes that you won’t be able to resist at least a finger tap to, here’s some music that’s good for the mind, body and soul, every day of your life.

If you can’t tell if you like this, your head might need a bit of a wobble. It’s pure aural goodness that hits all the right notes and does all the right things to the right parts of your brain. It’s just right, right? Don’t doubt yourself, that feeling that comes as soon as the music starts, that runs through your body and livens up your littlest toes is just a drop of the funk that really all music should have. Fortunately this one has it in spades, so you can easily borrow a dose just for a brief dance wherever you are.

So smooth that I’ll be asking them for advice about what to do with my legs, this is everything your soul needs to keep you smiling day after day. Good vibes all round.


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