Dust Monk – Choppy Waters

With a line about Dalmatians followed by a reference to joining the dots, it’s safe to say that Dust Monk work their lyrics in the same ‘what comes next’ way that I write this nonsense. Luckily for them, their non-sequiturs are a bit punchier than mine – though I never really was a great boxer.

Teaming up with Liverpool’s brilliant Jacaranda Records, the pair excel in the unconventional. It has rings of Kasabian in the vocal delivery mixed with all the electronic wizardry of someone like the Eccentronic Research Council. You’re never quite sure where this is going to settle, like a dog struggling to work out the best place for a well-timed nap. But then none of that matters, when the music itself has such a raw, mystifying appeal and hits plenty of right notes.

I wonder if they actually saw a three legged Dalmatian when they were writing this. Seems a strange pull anyway, I hope that dog is having a lovely day.


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