Lois Levin – Burden

Do you want a hand with that shopping? No it’s no problem at all, I’m more than happy to help. A burden shared is a burden halved. Speaking of, there’s a track from Lois Levin that I’m just DYING to play you if you have a spare for minutes…

Levin’s voice could be one of the great jazz voices, with a perfectly moody drawl seeping into every note as she swans through a chilled out atmosphere to stay simultaneously a figure from the past and ahead of her time. There are plenty of clever bits of wordplay in this too, but really it’s the sound of that voice that makes this such an irresistible listen. As the music sways slowly, you’ll find it impossible to focus on anything other than that truly remarkable voice.

Right, that’s all the shopping put away anyway. Shall I put a brew on so we can listen to this a couple more times?


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