TV People – Out Of The Silence

Photo: Nicholas O’Donnell

Everything ultimately comes out of the silence in the end. As much as I personally can’t stand even a hint of the stuff, silence makes the great stage for music to roam free and shine on. And so, once more out of the silence comes this banger from TV People.

Rather than coming round to fix that problem where some of the icons on the Sky menu aren’t showing up properly, the Dublin rock band have come to show off their latest moody track that features delightfully melancholic vocals that manage to bring such intense joy while sounding so downright miserable. With those classic indie influences easy to spot, there’s an added punk sensibility to the debonair attitude of the band and how they can’t twist instantly between the light and dark – as if all their years of working in TV have taught them how to control rolling blackouts.

But they don’t actually work in TV. I think. It’s just a band name, right? Actually, while I’ve got them – I might see if any of them know how I can get those extra sports channels for free without having to pay through the nose.


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