Zuzu – My Old Life

Photo: Robin Clewley

My favourite Zuzu songs have generally been the ones with a bit of bite, when the guitars really fire up and give some good old indie twang. Yet she’s not bad at this softer stuff you know, and that’s putting it very, very mildly.

The proud Liverpudlian throws in references to the city while never shying away from her native accent, one of her great appeals. Ballads and softer songs can be a tricky thing to absolutely nail, but Zuzu has brought her own toolkit here to make sure the job is done to within an inch of perfection. There’s a softness to her voice in parts of this which hasn’t appeared so brightly just yet, while there’s still time for that powerful, striking voice to shine through as it packs that emotional punch at just the right times.

One of the very best there is, surely nobody is sleeping on Zuzu any more? She’s not just boss, she’s THE boss.


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