Suns Up – Whatever Happened, It’s Alright Now

There aren’t many indie bands out there that remember where to put the comma. Grammar is probably not something that helps qualify you to be in a band though to be fair, but it’s just nice. Anyway, Suns Up have clearly been revising for some English exams – maybe as the result of some terrifying dreams of being back at school – but still they had time to write this indie bop.

It’s just got everything you want to hear from a guitar-heavy band really, hasn’t it? Catchy vocal riffs, blindingly powerful guitars and plenty of deft touches to show this isn’t just about being able to rock out. The Sussex-based outfit sound so well put together on this latest offering that you’d think they might have had an experience personal stylist help them put this all together. There’s not so much as a crease in this, it feels so perfectly tailored that they might want to question just how their measurements were taken.

An absolute indie banger that’s sure to get your pulse racing. More of this kind of thing, please.


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