Voka Gentle – Horse Latitudes

Photo: Hannah Sommer

Definitely not one for listening to with an actual horse because they’ll definitely freak right out, the latest weird drop from Voka Gentle is once more absolutely fascinating and irresistible. Like a kaleidoscope you’re obsessed with, it’s impossible to look away even if you don’t quite understand what you’re taking in.

While bemoaning ‘I’m a failure’, there’s barely time for the obsessed listener (me, while eating my Frosties) to reply in the negative before that darling voice contradicts itself. Handy too, as if just shoved a pretty big spoonful in. This might just be my favourite yet from this lot, it feels like the same kind of twisted entertainment as a classic Punch and Judy show where there’s no real regard for what’s ‘hot’ and rather just the sole vision of the cast of what they perceive to be the right way to do it. What do you mean those are puppets?

Don’t be afraid if the absurd, it brings with it far more joy than just sticking to the rules and conventions ever will. Come on, let’s get weird. I’ve been doing it a while, in case you hadn’t noticed.


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