Weird Milk – Vienna

Photo: Timothy Casten

Oh here we go. This is the song I’ve been waiting for all morning. Weird Milk are just brilliant and who cares that they might not be the first band to name a song after the Austrian capital? It means nothing to me, at least.

While Viennese architecture may be all about grandeur and great, striking spectacles the countryside quartet are more about bringing fresh vibes back from the ‘70s era of exploration in music through to the modern day with heaps of swagger. Think more cool and referential than stately and grand, this is made for dancing to in local pubs with some of the locals while a confused dog nips away at your ankles. It’s just so easy to slip into that it might as well be a dry martini.

There’s something for everyone in this and it’s absolutely destined to put a beaming smile on your face. Majestic.


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