BERRIES – The Expert

BERRIES have been doing it their way for so long that I’m sure they featured somewhere on here the first time around. none of that edge has been lost in the years that followed though, with this latest offering really set to wake you right up.

The bass sound is grotty as you like and I’m absolutely in love with it. They know how to go big in style, while the vocals seem somewhat restrained – able to stay fully in control and deliver those key messages clearly without getting to caught up in the sonic madness. It’s nice to hear a good old fashioned guitar break in the middle of this too, just to break up the rage with a drop of skilful brilliance. Those powerful hits really pack a punch when they return though, so you best be ready to receive them.

So grow your hair out long again and start pushing your way to the front because, tonight, we’re going to rock out like there’s no tomorrow. But I do have to be up to put the bins out…


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