Solar Eyes – Naked Monkey On A Spaceship

I mean, with a song title like this it was highly unlikely the latest Solar Eyes track was going to go unnoticed in my inbox. Of course I’ve spent many hours considering chimps in space – in reality, not like that animated film where they did it – and it appeals to me as one of the world’s great wonders.

The song is a nice bit of indie with plenty of throwback feelings to the golden era of Creation Records, with the vocal effect really adding nicely to the overall appeal. Speaking of peel, do you think they would give a monkey in space some bananas to go with them for sustenance? Or is it possible the monkey would be able to open some of those space food packages they usually give astronauts with some form of banana powder or whatever it is they use. As the song tells us, the monkey would ultimately have no control so perhaps there are all kinds of gadgets on hand for the people, or indeed other monkeys, at home to be able to assist with the essentials of life.

But I could go on for hours, and we all have better things to do. Here’s saluting all the great monkey astronauts of the past, the present and the future. Oh, and it’s probably worth giving this song a listen too.


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