The Avenues – Beautiful Shoes

Oooh, they look nice. Did you get them in a sale? Wow, they must have been really pricy then. I am, of course, admiring your shoes which are truly beautiful. You’ve done well there, as have The Avenues with their latest rampaging rock out.

You’ll get the gist of this one from the first ten seconds or so, and if it’s the kind of indie sound you like a bit of then you’ll be well into this. Think first album Catfish, but without being quite so creepy (as far as I’m aware). Mind you, I’m not keen on being hunted down with sticks and stones – they might break my bones, I’ve heard. This is just one big ball of energy really that doesn’t let up and keeps pounding away, desperate for you to be sucked into the beat and start jumping around wildly like you’re in the pit.

But you’re not in the pit, you’re at home and… Hang on, did they just say guns don’t kill people royals do?


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